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Pandit M.P Shastry specializes in counselling to clients who are facing problems regarding finance, health, relationships and personal growth. He believes in providing holistic Vaastu solutions to his clientele.

Our Mission

Interaction begins to provide a mechanism of on-going support for the individual as the person teaches others to recognize that which is self-disguised within their beings.

Our Vision

Live the Life of Your Dreams Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

Our Objective

To inform the people of the course of their life on the basis of the positions of the planets and of the twelve astrology signs at the moment of their birth or conception.

Our Solutions For

Health Problems

Your health problem will be particularly influential and apparent in the environment of the House the planet is in, and the reason for the planet causing trouble is seen in the aspects it forms to other planets.

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Marriage & Compatibility

When will you get married? How will your married life be? Marriage matching or match making is a solemn decision taken on behalf of the boy and a girl before they tie the knot to hold and to behold each other for the rest of their lives.

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Children Problems

If you are longing for a little cute guest in your life who may call you mom or dad in its melodious voice.But you are unable to do so due to the problems in your stars.For such problems which will immediately remove all the barriers.

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The planets in the 6th house can also speak about the nature of enmity we face. The Sun in the 6th house does not keep good relation with relatives. But the Sun gives much courage to destroy enemy. A strong Sun also gives us the blessing of the authority.

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Black Magic

In your life If you are suffering from black magic if you lose everything and no one is well wisher of you then converse with our best astrologer in bangalore. Black magic is stronger than white magic because it is power hungry.

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Court Cases

Are you in trouble due to the ongoing court cases? Astrology has solutions for you. Court cases in your life can greatly damage your peace of mind including time and money. It is a vicious circle. Astrology works silently in all the spheres of our lives.

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Vashikaran is an art to get the win over anyone and gives you the power to attract someone. It is also clear that God and the Goddess practice spells Vashikaran to triumph over demons and at the present time.

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Husband Wife Problem

The relation of Husband and wife is a beautiful relation in world. It relate the two persons means “one soul in two bodies”. Trust and understanding plays an important role in the husband/wife relationship.

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Love Marriage

Find out if you and your love interest or partner are soul mates, Love marriage refers to choosing one’s own life partner through love instead of depending on the elders of the home to find the right alliance.Falling in love with some one is not so easy.

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Are you worried about When will I get job? Which career is right for me? What is my future career by date of birth? Are you dissatisfied with your job? Will I get government job in future? Get answers to all your questions as per your career astrology.

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Relationship Problems

Every single human being wants to find love and commitment that will last for lifetime, but the percentage of getting a perfect and truthful relationship in today’s materialistic time that will last lifetime is very low.

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Family Problems

Family disputes in itself are nothing unusual as what occurs even in the best families.Did you ever think that what happens that a Quarrels and discussion of two people in family, disturbs the whole family. And sometimes small issues convert into big problems.

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Financial Problems

Financial status is very important factor in every one’s life. People toil hard to improve their financial status, money is the biggest motivational factor for every person and everybody wants to see himself getting rich.

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Negative Energy Remedies

Negative energy is the energy that is simply not positive and productive. It doesn't consist of the emotions of love and leaches on inmates' energy leaving them feeling confused, unbalanced and unhappy with life.

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Property Problem

Property disputes generally spoils the life of a person by wasting the major part of life in courts.In case the planets in your horoscope are inauspicious for buying the property then never buy a property in your name.

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